TAKSU Artist Residency Program (TARP) was established in TAKSU Kuala Lumpur in 2004 with the aim of allowing artists a 45–60 days artist residency, for them to immerse themselves in their art.

Through TARP, the artist will be able to share his art and nurture the community. More importantly, we envision to create avenues for people to be able to interact with art outside of a museum setting where they can explore the art scene in a less formal environment, thereby adding to the vibrancy to other institutions and the arts scene on the whole.

TARP’s vision is to promote transnational mobility, and intercultural dialogue among emerging artists, providing them access to contemporary art scenes and strengthening the professional standards of participating artists.

Every residency concludes with a solo exhibition that lasts for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. An opening reception is always held to further expose the artist’s endeavors to the local audience and art lovers and art patrons. Relevant promotional material such as invites and catalogues will be printed and distributed prior to the opening to generate awareness for the show.

It is our intention that through these efforts, we will be able to provide the artist with the infrastructure he needs to be able to focus and develop his work, bringing it to another level. And at the same time to take away the demands of marketing and promoting from the artists, allowing him to concentrate fully on his work.

It is our aim also to cultivate and to increase the level of awareness and to build on the existing understanding of art and culture in the community. This will be done through artist workshops and talks held concurrently to the buy cialis no prescription residency programme.

Additionally, through this program, we hope to stimulate the exchange of artistic thought based in Kuala Lumpur via various workshops, lectures and artists’ public presentations to confront and exchange structures of thinking, questions and tendencies engaged in the constitution of artistic thought, both for the cialis order online invited artist and the local artists that come into contact with the body of work.

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