TAKSU Kuala Lumpur
TAKSU 30th Anniversary @ KLAF 2019 at APW Bangsar
Moonlight Fragment by Fendy Zakri
dot dot dot line line line by Agnes Lau
Locals Only! 2019

TAKSU Singapore
This Is Dope!


TAKSU Singapore
Surface and Beneath by Peter Panyoczki
Physically Present Mentally Absent by Lindslee
Beyond The Surface
Who Else but Us by Brandon Breaux
Perception of the Azure Light by Rob Manning
Locals Only! 2018
Abstract Show 2018

TAKSU Kuala Lumpur
Locals Only! 2018
“100 Markah + A + ?” A Solo Exhibition by MeiKei Ho
Undefined Translation, A Group Exhibition
Harapan 2018
Planes of Paradise, A Solo Exhibition by Jamie Tan You Kean


TAKSU Singapore
Nasi Campur 2017
Locals Only! 2017
International Artists Show 2017
Bilateral Bonds SG 2017
After Pictures 2017

TAKSU Kuala Lumpur
Locals Only! 2017
Bilateral Bonds KL 2017
Whiteground, A Solo by Fauzulyusri


TAKSU Singapore
Nasi Campur 2016
Locals Only 2016
Manifesto by Tony Twigg
Adobo Country
Swimmer, A solo exhibition by Seah Zelin
A Man Without A Hobby Is Worthless by Pow Martinez

TAKSU Kuala Lumpur
Locals Only 2016
Secret Lies – A Solo Exhibition featuring Fadilah Karim
KL & SG : Bi Lateral Bonds
Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur



TAKSU Singapore
Interface : Group Exhibition featuring artists from 6 countries ( Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada)
Places of Cities, Memories: A solo Exhibition featuring Korean Artist Daeho Guk
Material Witnesses
Self-Imitating Self – A Solo exhibition by Ann Healey
We Saw Things That Others Didnt

TAKSU Kuala Lumpur
Dear Dark Cloud
Attitude In Lines
Hit The Ground and Blossom



TAKSU Singapore
Fragments: Group exhibition
Slippery Surfaces: Curated by Nilo Ilarde
Notes To Self
Between Sense And Sensibility
Of Time and Memory
Nasi Campur 2014

TAKSU Kuala Lumpur
Merdeka Show
SArKAs: Solo exhibition by Hisyamuddin Abdullah
WITHDRAWN: Solo Exhibition by Gan Tee Sheng
Locals Only! 2014



TAKSU Singapore
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?: A Solo Exhibition by Lindslee
Marking, Making and Seeing
(un)Necessaries: Solo Exhibition by Sang Taek Oh
Abstraction, Lost and Found: A group exhibition
No Empire Lasts Forever: Solo Exhibition by Norberto Roldan
TRANSLOCALITY: A group exhibition by three young Malaysian artists
Adobo Country

TAKSU Kuala Lumpur
New Waves, Korea: Kun Ju Kim, Sang Taek Oh & Sung Chul Hong
W.O.Y.M: A solo exhibition by Edroger C. Rosili
No Talking Points 2: Group Exhibition
Water: A group exhibition
50/50: Two-man show by Yeoh Choo Kuan and Seah Zelin
Adobo Country Returns: A group exhibition by 12 artists from the Philippines
Up! : A group exhibition by 8 young Malaysian artists
Coreng: Solo Exhibition by Fauzulyusri



TAKSU Singapore
New Waves, Korea
Preview: No Empire Lasts Forever: Solo Exhibition by Norberto Roldan
Moon Bathing: Solo Exhibition by Tony Twigg
Peninsula and Islands: A group exhibition by 14 artists
Antara: Solo Exhibition by Sabri Idrus
Face the Strange: Solo Exhibition by Olan Ventura
Tales of Tomorrow: Celia Neubauer & Joe Fleming
No Talking Points 2012
DOPPELGANGERS: Solo Exhibition by Gerardo Tan
Floating Desire: Solo Exhibition by Budi Agung Kuswara (Kabul)
Garbage Flowers and Foolish Words: Solo Exhibition by Lynyrd Paras
Nasi Campur 2012


TAKSU Kuala Lumpur
The Nuntius: Solo Exhibition by Indra Ramanthan
Locals only! 2012
Dua: Two-man show by Sabri Idrus and Tony Twigg
Great Migration: Solo Exhibition by Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj
GREEN: Group Exhibition
Within darkened disorder, muse & reverie… the wicked woman let out a curse: Khairul Azmir Shoib (Meme) & Haslin Ismail
Chronicle of Lines: Solo Exhibition by Khairul Izham
No Talking Points
POOL PARTY! by Dodit Artawan



TAKSU Singapore

Serial Killers/ Welcome to the Club!
The Resistance Movement: Street Art Revisited
Culture Vulture by Justin Lim and Samsudin Wahab
Nasi Campur 2011
Entranced and Terrified by the Strange Women and Their Macabre Stories: Solo Exhibition by Khairul Azmir Shoib (Meme)
SNUFF: New Paintings by Argie Bandoy

TAKSU Kuala Lumpur
DOPPELGANGERS: Solo Exhibition by Gerardo Tan
Endangered: Hirzaq Harris and Najib Ahmad
Serial Killers/ The Heat is On
Guris: Solo Exhibition by Fauzulyusri
Travelling Light: Solo Exhibition by Jumaadi