A solo exhibition by Hisyamuddin Abdullah
TAKSU KL, 11 – 26 December 2014

TAKSU Kuala Lumpur is proud to present ‘SArKAs’, from 11 till 26 December 2014. Figurative works dominate the total showing in SArKAs, a title that’s been derived from the Malay words ‘Saka’ (demon) and ‘Sarkas’ (circus). Self-potraits are the presiding vocabulary in the show, and Hisyamuddin’s strokes sway between doses of realism and edgy touches that heighten the emotion in each work. In ‘Sentap’, for example, this can be seen in the contrasts between the artist’s sinewy abdomen and the coiled fabric around his face, whilst in ‘Pekik’, this combination plays out in the juxtaposition between the strong gaze of the subject’s eyes and the neon spew that shoots out from his graphic mouth.

The artist’s choice of mediums has afforded these sharp contrasts. Combining charcoal drawings of his own figure with added elements of paint, such as the outlines of devil hornes in ‘Perompak Keamanan’, Hisyamuddin manages to inject punchy elements into his storytelling and leverage on the delights of visual contrasts. This can also be seen in ‘argghh’, where the artist’s athletic figure is restrained by a taut string that stretches horizontally across the canvas and ‘TAK + OK’, where the two heads of his figures are conjoined by a black-and-white striped fabric.
Opening reception: Thursday, 11 December 2014, 7.30 – 10.30 pm.
RSVP at kl@taksu.com by 10 December 2014

About The Artist:

HISYAMUDDIN ABDULLAH (b. 1989) There’s a lot to be said about the challenges that linger at a cusp of a true adulthood and finding one’s way in his or her career, and at that, in the frantic throes of a large city. Such paths have been taken by Hisyamuddin Abdullah. An East Coast boy hailing from Terengganu, Hisyamuddin is embarking on his first solo exhibition this December and the artworks on show are products of his compelling journey to arrive at this point, and symbols of his innermost feelings.