Secret Lies: A solo show by Fadilah Karim

“Secret Lies”, A Solo Exhibition by Fadilah Karim – 28 April
Fadilah’s upcoming exhibition at TAKSU Gallery, Kuala Lumpur is an honest continuation of her personal story, her purpose and of her beautifully reproduced realities. For her sophomore solo exhibition, the painter generously offers her spectators an insight into where she is at the moment, again delving into the inner workings of her consciousness to produce a series that is at once intriguing, psychologically charged and highly intimate.

You could say that this painter’s singularity lies in her ability to spontaneously plait her personal stories into her work, each creation echoing a raw intensity shaped by her own opinions, experiences, interests, philosophies, vulnerabilities, and ideas of beauty, whether it is a portrait of herself or a good friend, an image of either one of her four cats or a diptych depicting an aging patriarch.

“I just know I love to draw and I love colors early on.” – Fadilah Karim

Writing by, Liz Anne Bautista

Opening reception on Thursday, 28th April, 7.30-10.00pm
RSVP at by 27 April

Exhibition runs from 28 April – 20 May 2016