curated by Norberto Roldan
TAKSU Kuala Lumpur, 9 June – 6 July 2011

Following the success of the recent Serial Killers: From Tate Modern to TAKSU Singapore (November 2010), TAKSU and Green Papaya Art Projects continue to introduce the best of Manila’s contemporary art to the region. An exhibition program started in 2008 by independent artist-run-initiative Green Papaya Art Projects in Manila, Serial Killers is a response to parallel notions of seriality, non-seriality, or counter-seriality. Seriality as conceptual strategy or considered by most critics as a postmodern aesthetic, attempts to find resonance in the works of artists in their seemingly endless body of work, blurring randomness, and, or predetermination, in their repetitiousness. Repetition and seriality have been a recurrent mode of artistic production to some of the most prolific contemporary artists. Scholars of semiotics believe that, today, there is in operation a sense of aesthetic repetition involving a radical conception of seriality: one that ‘wholly escapes the “modern” idea of literature and art.’

Serial Killers /The Heat Is On gathers Filipino artists who are at the forefront and cutting edge of conceptual art in Manila. Incoherence, or more precisely, arbitrariness, may be the underlying structure of this tight selection. And though confronted with an arbitrary sequence of demands, with no established parameters, working and living in a metropolis they know nothing, and know deeply about like the palm of their hands, and waking up to different issues they are either dimly aware of, or have been doggedly following up, this promises to be some off-guarded family reunion.

Serial Killers, KL edition, includes Argie Bandoy, Patricia Eustaquio, Lyra Garcellano, Nona Garcia, Pow Martinez, Jonathan Olazo, Jayson Oliveria, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Norberto Roldan, Maria Taniguchi, Conrado Velasco and MM Yu.

Serial Killers /The Heat Is On is a part of TAKSU Crossborder Projects.

Opening reception: Thursday, 9 June 2011, 7:30 – 10 pm

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