Allison M Low

Round and Round
Graphite, gouache & pastel on arches paper, 57 x 77cm, 2014


Tender Affliction
Graphite & gouache on arches paper, 67 x 86 cm, 2017


Outer Space
Graphite & gouache on arches paper, 44 x 44 cm, 2017


ALLISON M. LOW (b. 1989, Singapore) is an artist based in Singapore. She has worked primarily as an image-maker, fascinated by the disquiet in human relationships that drive us to vulnerability. Since 2010, Allison’s works have been shown at group exhibitions – having been invited to exhibit at galleries such as Taksu Gallery (SG), Kult Gallery (SG), Robin Gibson Gallery and Airspace Projects (SY), amongst others. She obtained her Bachelors in Fine Art from College of Fine Art, UNSW where she majored in Drawing and Painting. Her debut solo show opened in May 2015, at The Substation Gallery in Singapore, which was also showcased at Air Space Projects Gallery, a high profile commercial gallery in Australia and also at the High Australian Commission in Singapore. ‘Oddlings’ has won the ‘Highly Commended’ Prize at it’s the first showcase in Australia during the COFA Annual, and has been featured by the likes of ArtLoft Asia,  Pop Spoken, I-S online and City Nomads.  Allison continues to work with concepts dealing with emotional chaos.