Art Sanchez

Killing Boredom
Acrylic & Collage in clear cast resin, 155 x 122cm, 2019


Beginnings & Endings 1
Acrylic & collage in clear cast resin, 122 x 92cm, 2019

Beginnings & Endings 2
Acrylic & collage in clear cast resin, 122 x 92cm, 2019

Art Sanchez, born in 1980 in Philippines, creates a series for Beyond The Surface, titled ‘Beautiful Decay’. In 2007, Sanchez graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the Technological Institure of The Philippines. He is currently in the ANGONO ARTIST ASSOCIATION and the NEO-ANGONO ARTIST COLLECTIVE in Philippines.

He has been involved in several solo exhibitions in the Philippines and is a recipient of several art awards.

Art Sanchez’ Beautiful Decay is a series of collages of images from books, magazines, brochures & photographs with acrylic encasted in clear resin. Beautiful Decay is a depiction of ‘memory grave’, a composition of haunting images of collage, forming layers of shift narratives. In terms of subject matter, Sanchez’ series is a depiction of the human behavior in all aspects.

Working with collages is one of the most liberating art mediums for Sanchez. Creating layers, compositions that deliver his desired intent. Resin on the other hand, is a variable material. As Sanchez puts it; ‘ One can create a lot of things from it. The combination of the two mediums gives a certain depth that other materials can not achieve.’

Sanchez’ art is a reflection on issues that surround him, his response to scenarios that he has encountered and that have left a mark in his everyday existence.