Gerardo Tan

After Collage 5.17.10
Oil on canvas, 153 x 122 cm, 2017


After Patchwork 11
Oil on canvas, 182.7 x 137 cm, 2011


After Patchwork 14
Oil on canvas, 198.5 x 198.3 cm, 2011


Floating Malevich
Oil and Digital Print on Canvas, 121 x 167.5 cm, 2008

Gerardo Tan took his BFA degree in Painting at the University of the Philippines and his MFA degree in Painting at the State University of New York at Buffalo on a Fulbright grant. A multi-media artist, Tan works with object and photo-based installations, artists’ books, collages and mixed media paintings. His recent collage-based paintings fuse digital prints and paint, probing postmodern concepts of originality and individual style. Tan has participated in many local and international exhibitions among which are the 1st Melbourne Biennale (1999), the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ 13 Artists Award Exhibition (1988) and the 2nd Asian Art Show in Fukuoka Museum (1982).