Hisyamuddin Abdullah

Charcoal and acrylic on canvas, 152 x 183 cm, 2014



Follow My Steps
Mixed media on paper, 91.5 x 122 cm, 2015



Pemimpi(N) Di Penjuru Waktu
Oil on canvas, 30 x 185 cm, 2017



Charcoal and acrylic on canvas, 152 x 152 cm, 2014



Kerusi Panas I
Oil on canvas, 84 x 59.5 cm, 2017

HISYAMUDDIN ABDULLAH (b. 1989, Terengganu) expertise in minute observations, brings alive the canvases he thoroughly draws onto. He used his own father as the main subject for his work and he tries to capture the essence of the rural life of his father, which he has experienced earlier and is his biggest source of inspiration. His observation that Kasih Sayang (Love) is gradually being neglected between parents and children, persuades him to paint his own father as the subject of his showcased artwork. This personal choice of subject is also a reflection of the affectionate relationship between the artist and his father.