Jamie Tan You Kean

Sunbathing In The Rain
Oil on linen, 165 x 140 cm, 2019

Queen Of Hearts
Oil on linen, 155 x 120 cm, 2019



Oceans Tide
Oil on linen, 155 x 122 cm, 2019



Turning Point
Oil on linen, 120 x 88 cm, 2019
Airtime In Eden
Oil on linen, 60 x 140 cm, 2019

Jamie Tan (Singapore) is a graduate from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, in partnership with the Goldsmiths University of London with a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts.

Jamie Tan is interested in how color lingers in a state of latency, existing within and channeling through a transitional space between our subjective experience and the objective world, inherently shaping the relationship we have with color.

In his solo exhibition, Takes Two To Tango, Jamie further explores color as an aspect of interaction that one can have with abstract painting. He highlights its unique character in affecting its surroundings, as well as how it influences our feelings at any given time and space.

He delves deeper into the notion of color as a sensation; an intangible force that can be arrested and brought to the fore. Takes Two To Tango touches on a pleasure-driven process, akin to a meditation in which the artist accumulates and organizes color as pockets of energy on the surface all while investigating its limitless potential.