Juan Alcazaren

Angel Trap series
assemblage with found objects, 46 x 46cm each, 2018

Rinse, Repeat Yourself, Rinse…
steel tubing, scaffold clamps, GI sheet, plastictub, fountain pumps, used light bulbs, LED lights, water, 89 x 89 x 89cm, 2018


Surface To Air 2
mixed media, 152 x 183cm, 2012


Juan Alcazaren (b.1960) obtained a degree in Landscape Architecture at the Philippines College of Architecture in 1983. He was a Thirteen Artists Award recipient in 2000 from the Cultural Centre of the Philippine. His most recent solo exhibition was titled, ‘NO’ at West Gallery in August 2016. He has done many group and solo exhibitions, amongst which are, ‘Pool Truths’ at the Singapore ARTSTAGE Marina Bay Convention Centre, ‘Zero Ground’ at the Drawing Room (Philippines), and ‘Juan Alcazaren’s Last Show’ at the Finale Video Room, to name a few.