Liew Mei Toong

Where Are You Heading?
Mixed media and acrylic on canvas, 102 x 90 cm, 2017


Wave of Sense
Mixed media and acrylic on canvas, 98 x 130 cm, 2017


LIEW MEI TOONG (b.1996, Johor Bahru, Malaysia) studied in the department of fine art in Dasein Academy of Art. Mei Toong has actively taking part in exhibitions and competitions. The subject matter of her work involves herself in relation to the people surrounding her and the strangers that she comes across in different spaces.

Artist Statement
My works explore the people in my lifeblood that I observed and encounter in different times and space. They record my inner emotions swing as well as my sentiments towards outer experiences including childhood memories, trivial of everyday life and my personal experiences when encountering people. Time refers the past, now and moments of a day, whilst space refers to venue, location and existence that consist of subjective materiality. And people refer to the familiars and strangers.

The content of the works shuttles between togetherness, parting, sadness and anxiety about conditions of life. I enjoy expressing my sensible side with broken images and textured surface. I attempted to present vicissitude, loneliness, depression and helplessness found within the cause and effect of life.

I adopt the techniques of building, destroying and repairing in my work. It suggests a sense of life mending within the process of arranging, taking away and rearranging. The works allow the viewers to engage in a narrative concerning the complication of life.

2015 – 2017 Diploma in Fine art, Dasein Academy of Art

Group Exhibition
2017 “Visual Arts Pitch 2″ Gallery Chandan, Publika Mall, Malaysia.
2017 “Monsoon” Gallery Titikmerah, Publika Mall, Malaysia.
2017 “Nando’s Art Initiative” competition, Publika Boulevard,Malaysia.
2017 “Homework Display II ” Cheras Leisure Mall, Malaysia.
2016 “Homework Display ” Cheras Leisure Mall, Malaysia.
2016 “FUTURAMA”, Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
2016 “Warna:ME” Tunkun Abdul Rahman University College, Wangsa Maju, Malaysia.

2017 “Usaha Tegas Tanjung Heritage” Oil & Acrylic category, Second prize.
2017 “UOB Painting of The Year” competition shortlist.
2017 “Visual Arts Pitch” competition finalist, Gallery Chandan.
2017 “Nando’s Art Initiative” competition finalist, Consolation prize, Publika Boulevard G2.
2016 “Warna:ME” Tunkun Abdul Rahman University College, Wangsa Maju, Malaysia.