TAKSU Singapore, 15 May – 8 June 2014

TAKSU Singapore and Art Angel Company (Seoul) are pleased to co-organize Between Sense and Sensibility, a group exhibition that will showcase works by four international artists: Miguel Iglesias (Spain), Matias Krahn (Spain), Shoji Kato (Japan) and Daeho Guk (Korea).

The state of consciousness is where the mind implies control, regulation, and rationality whereas the subconscious is where spontaneity, freedom, unpredictability, and emotion are evoked. While it is often difficult to identify with just one of these attributes, it is human nature to have dual or even multiple states within, thus the ‘rational and emotional’ tend to coexist in our everyday. By addressing the coexistence of such concepts, “Between Sense And Sensibility” not only reflects but also represents the sometimes conflicting, yet always-present contradictions found within our own lives.

Daeho Guk’s paintings on canvas appear like the blurry out-of-focus pictures taken by an amateur photographer. The reinterpretation of these preserved moments from photograph to painting are the artist’s attempt to narrow the gap between the universal subjective and objective experience. By translating these techniques into paintings, Guk seeks to encourage a universal bond of recognition and sympathy shared between artist and viewer.

Using multiple layers of soft pastel tones, Matias Krahn builds up playful textures incorporating colorful motifs and patterns. The combination of intuitive gestures that mimic the scribbled drawings of a child and accidental paint drips evokes an emotionally charged visual experience for the viewer.

Miguel Iglesias draws colours from the urban environment and creates a contrast between harmony in the colorful world and how one may feel emotionally toward the ‘shadow’ casted in the urban form.

Shoji Kato’s ‘Mirrored Moment’ is a two-panel painting made of watercolor on paper set side-by-side facing each other. One side represents the resulting image of intuition, chance, and freedom, while the other side is the product of purpose, reason, and control. By presenting them in the same-shared space, ‘Mirrored Moment’ blurs our perception of what is emotion and reason.

Through their respective processes, a common ground can be found among the distinct visual languages of these four artists. One might find that when we acknowledge the idea of ‘coexisting contradictory concepts’, we can search for the clues in our own unpredictable, and ever-changing lives.

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Exhibition runs from 15 May – 8 June 2014

Opening reception on Thursday, 15 May, 6.30 – 10.00pm.
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