TAKSU Singapore, 17 September – 8 October 2011

“The subject of Death has been a phenomenon in contemporary culture, soaking its inspiration in merchandises, movies and even radio broadcasts – a portrayal of the ‘celebratory’ spirit akin to the Guillotine culture. The images of skulls, at an enormous scale are seen on fabrics and accessories worn by youth as well as being emblematised by most ‘metal bands’. Continuous escalation of movies depicting apocalypse, hell and afterlife are shown at a high rate. A recent hit amongst Malay/Muslim community in Singapore is Misteri Jam Dua Belas (The Midnight Mystery), a radio broadcast on narrated paranormal encounters, rarely to be missed by listeners from diverse age groups. As the phenomenon seeps in our senses, contemplations such as these would arise: Why are there constant reminders of Death? Why are we drawn to the images of Death? Is this phenomenon recent or did it exist since ancient times?” – extract from “Age of Decadence”, an essay by Zaki Razak – click here to download.

The Resistance Movement brings together four emerging local artists who continuously explore traditional techniques and innovative approaches, and are guided by street influences alongside individual ideologies.

The Resistance Movement, an exhibition by Razi Razak (Statement), featuring: Mazlan Ahmad (Skope), Eman Raharno (ClogTwo), Farizwan Fajari (Speak Cryptic), Shahril Supangat (OneTwoDelta)

SKOPE As one of the reputable pioneers of graffiti art in Singapore, SKOPE, has been an integral figure in bringing graffiti art to the mainstream audience in Singapore. SKOPE is also accredited with creating an awareness of the Singapore graffiti art movement amongst the global graffiti community through his involvements in various international exhibitions and events. SKOPE represents OAC (Operation Art Core), one of the founding ‘crews’ in Singapore graffiti art movement and is also part of Kings Destroy, an internationally acclaimed ‘crew’ founded by renowned graffiti legend COPE2, who hails from New York. SKOPE boasts an impressive portfolio, exhibiting and collaborating, group and live demos locally, globally with artists such as FUTURA 2000, Saber and Obey in his first group show in Detroit, Sam Flores, San Francisco, 123Klan from France, Witnes (The Seventh Letter) from California. Recently. SKOPE was invited in a mural exhibition at the prestigious Joan Miro Museum in Barcelona Spain.

 CLOGTWO! Eman Raharno graduated from Temasek Polytechnic Design School with a Diploma in Interactive Media Design.He majors in Motion Graphic Designs, Illustrations and Graphic Designs. He has work for clients like Ogilvy and Mather, The Cannery, and National Youth Council. And participated in group/solo exhibitions entitled Berita Harian 2 at Lasalle, College of the Arts and Clogtwo: Terror-Wrist 2010.

SPEAKCRYPTIC is the moniker of Farizwan Fajari, an artist and illustrator working and living in Singapore. He graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a Degree in Fine Arts majoring in Painting in 2007. He has exhibited extensively in and around Singapore since 2005 and has also shown his works in Seoul,South Korea and San Francisco,USA. In 2011, he created an installation for the Singapore Art Museum entitled “Slow and Steady” and was one of the participating artists for Meeting at SEA, a conversation on Southeast Asian Contemporary Art. As an illustrator, he has done work for various friends and companies which includes the Singapore Press Holdings, Kitty Wu Records, Strait Records and Adidas. His art has been featured in magazines and websites including Kult, TimeOut, I.S Magazine, Culturepush, Doodlers Anonymous, BLDGWLF and Brooklyn Art Project where he was deemed as the “Artist To Watch”. Farizwan also teaches part time at Orita Sinclair teaching the subject of Drawing and Illustration. Farizwan’s work stems from his interest in creating the “perfect image” or in his own words “pictures that provokes action and/or thought”. His creations has been deemed more of a visual diary than anything else but still having its own ability to not completely shut off the audience’s own interpretation of the same work.

ONETWODELTA is Shahril Supangat, a graphic designer and illustrator. He is known in Singapore’s graffiti scene for his black and white illustrations. Alternatively to aerosol spraycans, his medium is paint and brushes. OneTwoDelta mingles Art with lifestyles and all intimate around him. From 2005 to now, Shahril had participated in numerous exhibitions in various venues in Singapore, Spain, United States, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Shahril is also a member of a 7 artists collective ‘ARTVSTS’.


Exhibition runs from 17 September to 8 October 2011.

Opening reception: Saturday, 17 September 2011, 6.30 – 10.30pm

RSVP at by 15 September.


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